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Human Powered Vehicle World Championships 2011 - Monza, June 10-12
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Participants will be sorted by vehicle type, with several sub-categories, and by age and sex.

Vehicle categories

Tentative... the discussion is open.

  • Open Class: all vehicles with any number of wheels and any kind of fairing
  • Partly Faired (PF): all vehicles either front or rear fairing
  • Unfaired (UF): all vehicles with no fairing
  • Trikes (3W): three-wheeled vehicles with no fairing
  • Tandems (TN): on back-to-back tandems fairing between riders is allowed


  • Disc wheels are allowed for all categories and for any wheel
  • Even though the use of a different vehicle is allowed for each race, only scores achieved with the registered vehicle or with a less-performing vehicle (for that race) will be accounted for the general ranking.

Age and sex categories

For each vehicle category, prizes will be given for the following categories*:

  • Women ?18
  • Men ?18
  • Women Over 50
  • Men Over 50
  • Junior (14-17)
  • Under 14 (50 m drag race only) - no need for pre-registration, free of charge.

* Further categories could be added after registrations are completed, within organizational constraints and with a minimum of 10 participants for each category.


Vehicle technical requirements (safety essentials) and competition rules are available HERE.

Categories, titles and points distribution will be published soon.

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