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Human Powered Vehicle World Championships 2011 - Monza, June 10-12
Around the Championship. Monza and Milan Print E-mail

We would like to give a few suggestions for those who wish to enjoy the area around the World Championship. Maybe some hint might even inspire a longer stay.

Monza is viewed as the 'capital' of Brianza. The name Brianza has Celtic origins (from “brig” which means “hill, or high ground”) and, though the territory is not an administrative province, it has peculiar characteristics (such as a woodworking tradition) and local people are very proud of their heritage. Monza is famous for the Villa Reale (Royal Palace), the magnificent Parco di Monza and, of course, the Monza Racetrack.

Brianza is an important centre of productive life in the area north of Milan. It is at the heart of the Italian lakes area (the nearest is Lake Como), and from its northerly position on clear days you can see the nearby Alps (Mount Rose among them).

Below, a few links that might start you off if you like to find out what is interesting in the area. By clicking 'Visita virtuale' you can also get a google tourist map of the area. Sometimes these pages need refreshing for proper viewing.

Monza and nearby attractions

Monza - Cathedral Treasure and Museum


Milan - Duomo, the Cathedral

Milano - Tourist information

Biking in the area

This map gives you an idea of bike paths in the Park of Monza.


But you can find many more itineraries in the area using the following online bike map services: - Monza
In the Racetrack area, the EZF route will take you from the Monza Racetrack to Milan centre

Bikely - Monza

Bikemi - Milan
Bike paths (black lines), bike sharing stations (green triangles) and pedestrian areas (in pink)

Bicitalia - Lakes of Lombardy - Lombardy

Enjoy your rides!

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